Cloud based Software as a Service for the SMB/SME distributed 100% via our channel partners

Plan4Continuity is a 100% channel only, cloud-based Business Process Automation and Business Continuity SaaS solution that can be used to automate and streamline any business process from disaster recovery and ransomware attacks to HR-onboarding and COVID-19 pre-screening.

Automate, Communicate, Orchestrate, Report, Neutralise

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Why use Plan4Conitnuity?

Plan4Continuity simplifies your ongoing business continuity planning and automates business processes at the click of a button.

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The A.C.O.R.N approach


Automates business processes and business continuity plans at the click of a button


Integrated email and SMS broadcasting and roll-call capability


Control the workflow from a centralized console, accessible from any browser



Automated reports using data-rich content, capturing each step of the process


Neutralize the effects of human error in the workplace


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CloudOak wins "Best Start-up" award at CompTia ChannelCon 2019

>1000 partners voted
160+ vendors at the event

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Latest Guide: The IT manager’s guide to overcome ROHO challenges

The IT Manager's Guide to Overcome ROHO Challenges covers two crucial points:

1) Human error. This has the potential to cause considerable damage to your organization’s reputation.

2) Effective business continuity planning. This entails identifying the critical resources required for an organization to continue operating during a disruption.

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CloudOak is a 100% channel only focused company providing BCP SaaS offering and a backup and DR enablement devices to IT service providers

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