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Create new unique, recurring revenue while streamlining and automating your clients' business continuity planning.

Activate BC plans with the push of a button.

Business Continuity Planning Tool for the channel

Turning paper plans into automated, intelligent BC plans for the SMB/SME.

Activate with the Push of a Button  

Accelerate business continuity planning by converting manual BC processes into intelligent, automated workflows. Plan4Continuity combines the 5 most important elements of continuity planning – people, assets, services, locations and vendors/suppliers to, among others, streamline management and boost accountability and facilitates effortless reporting.

The reality is that there is no real advance notice that a disaster is ready to strike. Even with some lead time, things can go wrong as every incident is unique and unfolds in unexpected ways. That is why a BCP is crucial to ensure your business continues operating during an unplanned event.

Plan4Continuity automates the whole process of creating, activating, reporting and simulating BCPs into a single cloud-based application.

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Why you need to consider Plan4Continuity and become a CloudOak partner  

Plan4Continuity (P4C) is the channel’s first cloud-based business continuity plan (BCP) software-as-a-service (SaaS) that streamlines business process automation and creates an opportunity for multi-recurring revenue streams for IT service providers servicing SMBs and SMEs. P4C is a dynamic, intelligent cloud-based business continuity planning solution that can create, simulate and activate business continuity processes with the push of a button.

P4C is a true BCP SaaS solution designed for the SMB and SME markets to facilitate an easy-to-use, affordable and logical approach to BC planning. It further creates an exceptional opportunity to upscale the quality and scope of services and products that can seamlessly integrate with P4C including DR, Cyber security, compliance, staff management, communication hardware and software.

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How our Partners' clients benefit:  

Plan4Continuity converts manual and outdated business continuity processes into intelligent, automated workflows that can accelerate BC planning and foster a culture of resilience within organizations and so create an improved understanding of BC processes. P4C allows IT service providers to automate the complete process of creating, activating, reporting, and simulating BCPs. P4C provides preconfigured BC plans and templates as an initial step, but once you have established the plan, you can add to or copy the plan in the event that you have, for example, multiple locations.

Ultimately all the elements that are required for a proper BCP are included in P4C. Additionally, P4C complies with ISO 22301 standards and best practices as well as regulatory requirements ensuring optimal recovery from a disruptive event, protection of revenue and profits and improved audit readiness. With P4C, planning for business disruptions become simple and automated and makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to have state-of-the-art BCPS.

  • Takes care of all their business processes
  • Turns their BCP into a working doc
  • Not only in case of an unexpected event but much more than that
  • Provides preconfigured plans and templates so they don’t have to pay a consultant 10s of thousands but can use this as a first step and easily customize to fit their business/organization’s needs.
  • Reporting – easily inform all stake holders of after event status. Who did and said what. From staff to board level to insurance broker.

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How the tool works: Activating the 5 components of every Business Continuity Plan 



    Business continuity planning by location

    Your business may have different entities (or "locations" as we refer to it) such as branches, regions, buildings, floors, departments, even home offices and temporary remote sites. Business continuity can be managed more effectively if you divide your business into locations.



    People are a business’s most valuable assets

    They are the ones who control and use assets, deal with vendors, perform services, make decisions, pay wages and liaise with clients. People, from plan managers to action owners, need to be involved in your continuity planning. 



    Without services, no business can function

    Every company depends on external and internal services. Without electricity, internet connectivity, IT support, and telephony a company would be unable to function. When these services are disrupted, the Disruptive Event Management need to provide alternative scenarios. 



    A business needs assets to provide services

    An important part of business continuity is identifying the assets that are essential to business operations and to include these assets in business continuity plans. These can include basic service plans or schedules for when the services rendered by these assets become disrupted. 



    Vendors need to be active participants

    Vendors and suppliers of services play a critical role in the ongoing function of a business and therefore need to be active participants in your business continuity planning. They form an essential link in the supply and disaster recovery chain. 

    Manage a live disruptive event quickly and efficiently

    A live disruptive event can be managed efficiently across multiple locations and with several teams. 

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    Build your Business Continuity plans with minimal effort

    Plan4Continuity eanbles you to build your plans using the latest innovative cloud technologies. You can access your plans from any internet connected device at any time.

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    Continuously control and improve your Business Continuity plans

    The setup of your disaster recovery plans requires management. Your plans need to be regularly simulated, scheduled and audited. Compliance requirements can be improved, tested and met. 

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    It is crucial that a disaster or live disruptive event is managed efficiently to ensure the business is up and running as quickly as possible. 

    Plan4Continuity enables you to:

    Communicate to all active parties via email, chat, sms, and voice messaging

    Run multiple operations simultaneously

    Change plans and events as they unfold

    Review simulations of activations right down to each communication and improve plans based on feedback

    Empower you to manage the actions on mobile devices


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