CloudOak boasts a new pricing and feature-rich release of Plan4Continuity

We have recently announced the latest release of our flagship SaaS solution, Plan4Continuity including  new revenue-boosting prices. The channel’s response has been overwhelmingly positive already which has seen a boost in sales and marketing activity.

The new Plan4Continuity platform dashboard breaks down the complete process of setting up your business, adding your people and clients and creating your own plans into a step-by-step process.

1.   User management

2.   Customers

3.   The plans

4.   Frequently asked questions and knowledge base

5.   New features

The new process also allows you to add data centers, platforms, servers, vendors, and assets as services for use in disaster recovery plans.

1. User management

The user management section lets you create unique users based on their function in the system. Users can include administrators who are ultimately decision makers and who have access to the complete admin console or people who do not need decision-making power but still need to receive notifications of plan activations and completions.

2. Customers

Furthermore, your MSP account allows you to create access to the Plan4Continuity ecosystem for all your customers where they can either create plans as needed, use predefined plans from the Plan4Continuity global template library, or plans that you, as the MSP, have custom-built for your vertical or customer base. This applies to both dedicated and managed customers.

Dedicated customers have full access to the system and can add plans, locations and even users. Managed customers can only view and activate plans which give you as the MSP control over plans executed in your environment for hosted solutions.

3. The Plans

Plans can be created based on any continuity or business process automation scenario. You can either create new custom plans from scratch or copy from our available library of Global or MSP templates. As an MSP, you will be able to create plans as templates and in so doing build your own plan collateral for your customers. Plans can also be used for simulation testing to ensure that you are ready in case of an actual event. In light of the current global pandemic, we have developed two specific plans to provide further support, namely COVID-19: Back to Work Employee Compliance and COVID-19:  Workplace Readiness and Re-Opening.

4. Frequently asked questions and knowledge base

If you still have questions, the new platform includes an up-to-date knowledge base with frequently asked questions addressing issues such as setting up your company, obtaining or checking text/SMS credits and the option to log a support ticket for 24/7 world-class technical support.

5. New features

Broadcasting and Roll-call is now available via SMS and email with the ability to keep track of different people’s actions and  recording them in real-time. Reminders and alerts can be scheduled and broadcasted to key personnel, keeping a record of when and where subtasks have been completed. At any given time, a live report can be generated, exported and shared as a pdf document with key stakeholders and decision-makers

Improved UI: We have improved the Plan4Continuity user interface by adding a quick getting started guide and simplifying the process of creating your own custom plans.

Multilingual: The Plan4Continuity interface has been fully translated into German and French and plans can be translated into these 6 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Dutch.

Email address no longer compulsory: You can now create users without email addresses. This allows for workers who do not necessarily have email addresses or access to email  to still receive  alerts to their phones only.

API integration: One can now activate a Plan4Continuity plan remotely via other applications. With this ability, clients and partners can invoke any plan from our platform from any PSA/RMM or any monitoring system as every plan can generate a unique API at the push of a button.

Plan4Continuity completely disrupts the manual process of creating and maintaining business process automation plans, reporting and communications with the ACORN (Automation, Communication, Orchestration, Report, Neutralize) approach to driving this process. If you are interested to see how Plan4Continuity can help reduce the business and human impact of disruptive events, please sign up here or watch our latest demo video here.

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