News from the ChannelPro Network: CloudOak Launches Business Continuity Planning and Orchestration Solution

ChannelPro Network's Rich Freeman recently shared: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery vendor CloudOak just introduced Plan4Continuity, the Channel’s first SaaS business continuity planning and automation tool. Unlike other BCDR systems that focus on keeping IT workloads up and running during service outages, CloudOak’s flagship tool takes users through a step-by-step account of what must happen after a disruptive event such as a fire, flood or tornado, ransomware attack or active shooter incident.

Most MSPs still rely on paper BCPs, that is, if they have plans at all. It is for this exact reason that partners shy away from compiling BCPs – because they are manual in nature and laborious to execute.

In contrast, says Freeman, "Plan4Continuity “is designed to streamline plan creation and orchestrate plan implementation. The system displays centralized status information about unfolding continuity incidents and stores that data for post-incident reporting as well.”

Plan4Continuity offers many benefits including drawing on more than 20 continuity templates, covering all five elements of a complete BCP – people, assets, services, locations, and supplier – and comply with the ISO 22301 standard.

Plan4Continuity coordinates the complete disruptive event and the clients gets to see everything happening in real time. The tool keeps detailed records of communications and everything else during a disruptive event and seamlessly integrates with third-party products.

Plan4Continuity keeps detailed records of those communications, and everything else it does during a continuity event. Users can generate reports on that information after an event to assess what went well and what didn’t, or to assist with property and cyber-insurance claims.

Plan4Continuity licensing is available in two models: “Managed” and “Dedicated”. The former model gives end users access to all of the solution’s functionality but restrict editing rights to their MSP. The latter licenses add the ability for customers to edit as well as execute plans.

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