CloudOak partners with Readiness Associates to offer Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Consulting services through Plan4Continuity

Businesses globally are facing the challenge of ensuring business continuity more than ever before. The current pandemic saw private organizations and government institutions scrambling to set up and launch business continuity planning measures to counter as much of the business and human consequences of the coronavirus as possible.

“Health care providers and partners, particularly in rural markets, are concerned that they do not have the necessary resources or expertise to ensure business continuity. This is where Plan4Continuity can make a difference”, says Jeff Collier, CEO and Founder of CloudOak.

To support business, CloudOak joined forces with Readiness Associates, an international disaster preparedness consultancy, to offer business planning consulting services through Plan4Continuity and so deepen ongoing business continuity efforts.

CloudOak is confident that its BCP Consulting services offered to SMEs in partnership with Readiness Associates will not only become critical to business continuity and automation during the pandemic but also be utilized to communicate, collaborate, protect and exchange data when managing a remote workforce and during the new normal post-pandemic.

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