CloudOak recently announced the release of Plan4Continuity, the Channel’s First Business Continuity Plan Software as a Service for Managed Service Providers.

CloudOak now offers a cloud SaaS solution that creates, simulates and activates business continuity plans provided as a tool for Managed Service Providers to automate the entire business continuity plan lifecycle.

CloudOak is pleased to announce the pre-release of Plan4Continuity (“P4C”), the channel’s first cloud-based Business Continuity Plan application for Managed Service Providers (“MSP”) servicing SMBs and SMEs. Plan4Continuity is a new and unique cloud SaaS solution that creates and manages Business Continuity plans in the cloud. MSPs and channel partners can now provide their clients with a cloud-based SaaS application that creates live, actionable business continuity plans in minutes using a single cloud-based interface.

As a new tool for MSPs, P4C is a true Business Continuity Planning SaaS solution designed for the SMB and SME markets. P4C allows MSPs to plan, build, schedule, simulate, implement, and audit all business continuity plans in an easy-to-use, affordable, and logical way. MSPs can create multiple plans for multiple clients, across any vertical as the client’s business continuity plan is no longer a document gathering dust in a drawer but a live cloud-based system that contains plans, simulation schedules and audit logs of all activations. It also acts as a full management system of a client’s business continuity activities and communications. As per ISO 22301 standards, P4C enables the five most important elements of continuity planning namely, people, assets, services, locations, and vendors or suppliers. Together they make up the cornerstone of the business continuity ecosystem.

“P4C is a game-changer for MSPs. For the past several years, MSP and channel partners have struggled when trying to create and manage business continuity plans” says Jeff Collier, CEO of CloudOak. “While the technology to provide backup and recovery and DR solutions have advanced tremendously in the past 5+ years, the technology to provide automated, easy to create and manage business continuity plans have not. The entire continuity plan industry is largely still using template documents with manual notification and auditing processes. Due to a lack of solutions, SMBs and SMEs have gone without business continuity and disaster recovery plans relying solely on MSPs to bring it all together. With this, many MSPs have not provided this service for many reasons ranging from lack of automated technology, lack of time, budget constraints and a lack of business continuity planning skills. CloudOak has now solved this industry-wide problem with P4C and we are offering our solution exclusively to the channel and MSPs everywhere.”, says Collier.

“P4C has been developed to modernize the business continuity plan process, to create a cloud-centric solution and to dispel many misconceptions re: business continuity planning”, says Petrus Human, CTO of CloudOak. “Most DR and BCP plans are simply a collection of custom templates that take time to create and end up as outdated documents stored in someone’s desk” Human continues. “To add to the challenge, business continuity declarations are still manual in nature. Within the channel there is no “call tree” or automated notification features, no asset detection or sign off and acknowledgement. Further, most BCPs do NOT comply with ISO 22301 standards and best practices. P4C will now enable Managed Service Providers globally to solve this problem for their clients”, states Human.

“P4C will open up new opportunities for the partner channel,” says Troy Cheeseman, CSO of CloudOak. “MSPs can now provide all of the P4C features to their clients as a unique “as a service” solution. As an example:

  1. Client Prospects - MSPs can provide prospective clients with a free Business Continuity Plan as an incentive to take book meetings as it will take only minutes to create a client BCP
  2. Client Incentive - MSPs can offer the P4C complete application to clients as an incentive to close opportunities
  3. Business Continuity Software as a Service - MSPs can offer a new "as a service" solution that creates, simulates and activates business continuity plans for clients of any size, across any vertical

P4C will open up an entirely new revenue stream for MSPs globally.”, says Cheeseman

“We are delighted to partner with CloudOak to provide a real value service to MSP’s globally. P4C enables MSP’s to significantly upscale the quality and breadth of their services to clients. As we grow and scale the product it will not only be a market leader, but also a market creator in its field,” says Tai Chesselet, Co-Founder of Plan4Continuity.

With the pre-release select partners will use P4C until the end of August with the full release coming at that time. CloudOak will provide live demonstrations for partners at the CompTia ChannelCon 2019 event in Las Vegas starting Monday August 5th. On August 27th, CloudOak will announce full MSP availability will detail the select P4C integrations with industry leading and MSPs exclusive BCDR and IT Document Management solution providers in a separate press release and announcement.

To learn more about Plan4Continuity and about CloudOak, visit or contact us at