eBook Launch: Disaster Recovery for the Hybrid Cloud Era

The cloud era has been a game-changer in terms of disaster recovery strategies and companies will only move forward if they’re willing to adopt and adapt. As a business owner, you know that disaster recovery planning is crucial, yet easy to put off. Disaster Recovery for the Hybrid Cloud Era will guide you to get started on disaster recovery planning that can withstand natural disasters, disgruntled employees and malicious attacks.

Our eBook commences, in part 2, with a description of backup and disaster recovery highlighting the backup is not equal to disaster recovery. Part 3 continues by warning readers about the four pitfalls to avoid when implementing cloud-based disaster recovery.

Part 4 discusses the three levels of data loss and the disaster recovery steps applicable to each while part 5 guides readers on the appropriate steps to develop an effective disaster recovery plan. Part 6 provides indispensable tips when considering using a strategic disaster recovery partner and part 7 concludes this eBook.

Disaster Recovery for the Hybrid Cloud Era will prepare your organization to face disasters from hackers to hurricanes.