eBook Launch: Return to the office post-COVID-19

After months of being quarantined at home, the time has finally arrived for businesses to slowly reopen and for the workforce to return to the office. To streamline this return, we have compiled a “Return to the office post-COVID-19” business continuity and business process automation eBook to assist business to reopen smoothly and safely and provide much-needed assurance and confidence to employees during these challenging times.

Parts 1 and 2 of this eBook respectively lists and briefly discusses the focus areas in the form of a checklist. Part 3 – Return to the office post-COVID-19: Ensure a healthy workforce and safe office environment – emphasizes a safety-first approach when returning employees to the workplace focusing on reducing common touchpoints, daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and reporting on potential cases of COVID-19.

Next, in part 4, we discuss best technology and systems to support business operations highlighting the need to audit all workstation pre-return, evaluate any new technology deployed during the crisis while staff was working from home and catalogging all items that were removed from the office. Now that you address workforce and workplace issues, the next consideration is dealing with clients, distributors, and partners. The latter is the subject of part 5.

Our eBook concludes, in part 6, with an explanation of how Plan4Continuity’s two Return to the office post-COVID-19 plan templates – that is, “Back-to-Work Checklist, Workplace Readiness and Re-Opening” and “Back-to-Work Employee Compliance”, can support organizations to automate, communicate, orchestrate, report on and neutralize similar, future events.

COVID-19 was a shock to most people. Utilize the lessons learned to work with your clients now to create business continuity and business process automation plans for the next time something like COVID-19 happens. One thing is certain, as lockdown lifts and workplaces prepare to bring their workforce back, both employers and organizations must prepare for the new addition to the office: COVID-19. We hope that our eBook will contribute to streamlining and automating this process.

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