Five Tips to Find a Strategic Disaster Recovery Partner

“40% of businesses never reopen after disaster”

“90% of businesses that lose data as a result of disaster will close within 18 months”

“Over 70% of businesses that suffer from a major fire do nor reopen or will close within 3 years.”

Considering these statistics, it should be clear that choosing the right disaster recovery partner, is critical to limiting your risk. Further, collaborating with a partner you can trust will go a long way to achieve your objectives. Below we have listed 5 tips to get you started:

  • Certifications are usually indicative of the platforms that your strategic partner is qualified to support. Determine whether your disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) partner has the required expertise in “regulatory compliance, security services, and hybrid cloud deployments, as well as experience with the platforms and applications you use”.
  • A DRaaS partner that can offer multiple solutions are usually able to deliver a more flexible disaster recovery solution. To determine this, you have to ascertain how long your DRaaS partner has been in business and evaluate its disaster recovery experience.
  • Geographic diversity – range is key. It is an established practice in disaster recovery to have your disaster recovery solution in a difference location than your primary business. This can be a different city or even a different state. A DRaaS partner with range can ensure that a disaster that affects your business, does not affect your backup.
  • Synchronous replication is more expensive than asynchronous replication. Operating within your budget means managing costs; ensuring your RPOs and RTOs reflect true business needs is one way to achieve this. Enlisting a disaster recovery partner that can meet your business needs for RPO, RTO, service level agreements, and data center locations should be your objective.

Your disaster recovery partner should offer solutions that allow the testing of DRaaS systems with minimal to no disruption to your business operations. Testing should occur at least once a year to ensure your disaster recovery plan remains viable.

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