How to Develop an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

The need for an effective disaster recovery plan to guarantee uptime and minimize data loss when disaster strikes is a necessary part of any organization’s risk management strategy. Developing your disaster recovery plan will get you thinking about where your company is potentially exposed, and the end-result is a contingency plan that will have your operations up and running in the shortest amount of time when disaster strikes.

Below we have listed four criteria to consider when developing your disaster recovery plan.

  • Identify the scopes and boundariesThis means prioritizing your organization’s critical disaster recovery systems and assigning a value to those systems if they fail.
  • Establish the budgetWhen setting the budget, you have to ensure that it is done realistically with a clear understanding of the risks involved.
  • Develop and deploy the planThis is the most complex part of the process and should focus on the activities that must occur when disaster strikes. It also entails choosing the necessary tools and technologies to drive your disaster recovery strategy.
  • Test the planAn effective disaster recovery plan is a plan that has been thoroughly tested and updated when required.

When disaster strikes, an organization that failed to develop an effective disaster recovery plan will undoubtedly suffer disastrous consequences. These consequences can include operational, financial and reputational damage. Business owners need to realize that no company is secure.

Cloud-based disaster recovery management make recovery planning easy for business of all sizes. It enables a faster and more streamlined approach and ensures that crucial information is directly available to the people who needs its most in a disaster situation.

To ensure the success of your disaster recovery plan and that you have the best possible support when disaster strikes, you will need a strategic disaster recovery partner, which is the topic of our next post.

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