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Marcus Steinbock -
Managing Director EMEA

Marcus Steinbock, Managing Director of CloudOak EMEA is an experienced professional with over 18 years of experience specializing in information security, cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, operational risk, and enterprise infrastructure and operations for clients in the financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, publishing, non-profit, and distribution industries.

As a leading expert on IT compliance in IT-control and operations, Marcus is a frequent speaker on topics including security breaches, big data analytics, audit and compliance, and IT forensics. Marcus, an infosec strategist, represents the alignment of technology, marketing, and management. With a BS Degree and numerous Industry certs in computers, networks, servers, and security, Marcus translates tech issues into everyday language that is easily understandable by all business units. His expertise includes the installation and maintenance of all aspects of the PC and peripheral lifecycle and the planning and integration of end-to-end security solutions.


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