Press Release – CloudOak Forms Strategic Partnership with CloudLand

CloudOak Forms Strategic Partnership with CloudLand to offer Plan4Continuity to all Benelux Managed Service Providers and Resellers

CloudOak, Cloud technology solutions provider of high-quality software solutions for communication, IT security and IT management environments. recently announced its strategic partnership with CloudLand B.V. (“CloudLand”), an award-winning value add distributor (“VAD”) of MSP and Reseller software services to the SME/SMB market for the Benelux region.

What makes this partnership promising is the fact that CloudLand and CloudOak share the same goal; to strengthen our partners as IT professionals. CloudLand is uniquely positioned within the Benelux market and is investing in products that will not only offer service differentiation for their MSPs but will also provide a completely new MRR stream while supporting their partners to transition from resellers (one-time sales) to managed services. Plan4Continuity will play a crucial part in that transition. Forging a partnership with CloudLand means offering continuity planning and business process automation solutions (such as Plan4Continuity) that serve both current and future IT requirements and establish solution-oriented projects for specialist partners.

CloudLand now offers Plan4Continuity by CloudOak to MSPs and resellers, providing the following tangible benefits of helping resellers to migrate to greater MRR and fewer one-time resells; aiding resellers in migrating to full managed services; and providing solutions to the SMB and SME market for GDPR compliant business continuity planning.

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