Press Release – CloudOak Forms Strategic Partnership with International Consultancy, Readiness Associates

CloudOak is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Portland-ME based Readiness Associates, an international health, safety, and preparedness consultancy.

Readiness Associates, an international consultancy partnering with workplaces looking to improve their disaster preparedness, business resiliency, and the health and wellbeing of their employees, joined forces with CloudOak to add Plan4Continuity to their preparedness and risk portfolio.

Businesses across the world today are facing the challenge of ensuring business continuity more than ever before. The current pandemic saw private organizations and government institutions scrambling to set up and launch business continuity planning measures to counter as much of the business and human consequences of the coronavirus as possible. Plan4Continuity's business continuity and business process automation plans are uniquely developed to go beyond the traditional disaster scenarios to address events that can naturally occur in the scope of business.

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