Press release: CloudOak Officially Released Plan4Continuity, the Channel’s First “Business Continuity Planning and Automation Tool” offered as a service for Technology Solution Providers

CloudOak now offers a cloud SaaS solution that creates, simulates, automate, and orchestrates business continuity plans in real time, provided as a tool for Managed and Technology Solution Providers to automate the entire business continuity plan life cycle

CloudOak is pleased to announce the full release of Plan4Continuity; the channel's first cloud-based Business Continuity Planning and Automation Tool for Technology Solution Providers (TSPs).

Plan4Continuity is a new and unique cloud SaaS solution that creates, automates and orchestrates Business Continuity Plans in the cloud. As a new tool for TSPs, Plan4Continuity is a true Business Continuity Planning SaaS solution designed for the SMB and SME markets. TSPs can now create multiple plans for multiple clients, across any vertical as the client's business continuity plan is no longer a document gathering dust in a drawer but a live cloud-based system that contains plans, simulation schedules and audit logs of all activations. It also acts as a full management system of a client's business continuity activities and communications. As per ISO 22301 standards, Plan4Continuity enables the five most important elements of continuity planning namely, people, assets, services, locations, and vendors or suppliers. Together they make up the cornerstone of the business continuity ecosystem.

"Plan4Continuity has been developed to solve a global problem that encompasses all businesses and all verticals.", says Petrus Human, Co-Founder of CloudOak. "Most Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are simply a collection of custom templates that takes valuable time and resources to create that inevitably end up as outdated and unmanaged documents stored in someone's desk.", Human continues. "To add to the challenge, business continuity declarations are still manual in nature and the entire post incident review is cobbled together, many times based on people's memories of the event days after. Plan4Continuity now solves this problem and modernizes, with a cloud-centric view, the entire Business Continuity Planning and Automation ecosystem enabling Managed and Technology Solution Providers globally to solve this problem for their clients.", states Human.

"The CloudOak team has a 100% partner focus and have been great to work with." says Spencer Heaton, CEO and owner of A&S Consultants, a Managed Service Provider out of Milton, Ontario, Canada. "They helped us with training, client demonstrations and have attended events with us. At a recent event, I was ill the night before and could not make it to the show the next day. The team from CloudOak showed up in the morning, opened the booth for us and ran as our representatives for the day booking client meetings for us. As for Plan4Continuity, CloudOak has put together a truly compelling solution which we will be adding to every service offered by A&S." says Heaton.

CloudOak pre-released Plan4Contintuity at the CompTIA ChannelCon 2019 event in August and after three days of partner demonstrations, over 1000 attendees voted CloudOak as the Best Start-Up! Here's why:

  • Plan4Continuity is a unique cloud SaaS solution that creates cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Automation as live application in minutes.
  • Plan4Continuity offers 20+ continuity templates which includes plans like Active Shooter, Data Breach Response, Fire Evacuation, Flood, Natural Disaster, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security Audits, Ransomware Attack, and more.
  • Plan4Continuity offers an industry first solution as every plan includes "Broadcast", "Call Tree" and "Roll Call" technology with asset detection to create servers and assets as part of any client's Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.
    • Broadcast - the ability to text mobile devices instantly in the event of a continuity event or declaration.
    • Roll Call - the ability to send a text to every mobile device instantly, with options to indicate safety status or if they are in need of help. This is all tracked and visible in real time view.
    • Call Tree - the ability to send email and text to anyone instantly inside or outside the company to coordinate, automate and orchestrate the continuity event.
  • Plan4Continuity is a partner solution that will detect CloudOak CUBES, Rubrik appliances, Cohesity applications and Datto devices.
  • Plan4Continuity is designed specifically to comply with ISO 22301 Business Continuity Planning standards.

"Since our pre-release, we have come to discover that Plan4Continuity is a unique partner offering", says Troy Cheeseman, Co-Founder of CloudOak. "We started off our marketing and messaging focusing on the new service offering that partners can now bring to their clients. This is a new recurring revenue generating opportunity where there was none before. In just under eight weeks, partners have shown us that Plan4Continuity is much more than a TSP technology tool, it is a true business operations solution that can be leveraged by everyone in any company, across any vertical. This will open up new opportunities for the partner channel," says Cheeseman.

"Plan4Continuity will be a major differentiator for the partner opening up all new revenue streams that were traditionally hourly services or even lost revenue opportunities due to outsourcing to third party consultants who specialized in this area." Say Jeff Collier, Co-Founder of CloudOak. "We have been working with strategic partners and they are seeing great success by leading with Plan4Continuity. One of our early partners have booked 35 client demonstrations in the month of November proving there is a strong desire for this type is solution in the SMB/SME. Plan4Continuity has proven to be as effective a lead in to new opportunities as we believed it could be when we first saw it in action." Says Collier.

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