Press Release – Simon Bell joins CloudOak as new Technical Director (EMEA)

Oakville, ON (CA) – August, 19, 2020 – CloudOak is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Bell as CloudOak’s new Technical Director (EMEA). Simon will work closely with Phil Sansom, Managing Director (EMEA).

“We are very pleased and excited for Simon to join CloudOak as part of our EMEA team in the United Kingdom. Simon has extensive experience working closely with very successful international vendors and managed service providers focused on IT and specifically dealing with the challenges faced by both MSPs and their clients. Simon’s proven business development and client engagement experience will undoubtedly be a great asset to CloudOak. As regards business continuity and disaster recovery in the SMB/SME market, he has seen both sides of the coin. This combined with his excitement and enthusiasm for the potential and business opportunities associated with Plan4Continuity, made him ideally suited to the team and our business goals”, says Phil Sansom, MD of CloudOak EMEA.

Simon’s role will include demonstrating CloudOak’s Plan4Continuity platform to EMEA customers and collaborating with Petrus Human, CloudOak’s CTO, on developing new business continuity and business process automation plans. Having worked for an MSP as part of the management team, Simon will bring with him the expertise of onboarding new products for the reseller market. He further has a thorough understanding of the MSP space and working with IT Glue gave him in-depth insights into the MSP customers of EMEA as well. As part of a large public company, he oversaw disaster recovery and business continuity planning, which included creating and compiling business continuity plans.

Before joining CloudOak, Simon, who is originally from Scotland, worked in the MSP market in the United Kingdom among others as head of technology for Complete IT Limited, one the largest MSP’s in the United Kingdom. He met Phil Sansom when establishing IT Glue, a Canada-based company, where he was involved in creating a network of distributors and resellers throughout the EMEA region.

“In today’s market, writing paper-based business continuity plans are arduous, and at the end of the day, it just gets dumped in a drawer. Having a large library of BCP templates on a cloud-based SaaS platform where you can customize plans is definitely a game-changer for business globally who now have working in-house business continuity at the push of a button. It will make a huge difference long term and will definitely engage more people”, says Bell.

In the first year after joining the CloudOak EMEA team, Simon hopes to create increased awareness of Plan4Continuity among the EMEA MSPs and their customers. He specifically wants to bring across the message that Plan4Continuity is essential to any organizations’ business continuity and business process automation arsenal.

Simon holds a degree in Computer Science and in his free time enjoys Formula 1 motor racing and is an avid armchair sports enthusiast.