Return to the office post-COVID-19: Best technology and systems to support business operations

In this third instalment of our blog series, we consider the best technology and operational systems to support your organization post-COVID-19. As an employer, you will need to undertake a risk assessment before opening the office. The following are key mitigation measures that organizations should consider once they have determined that a return to the office of either the full or part of the workplace is imminent:

1.   Audit all workstations in the office

2.   Evaluate any new technology deployed during the crisis

3.   Catalogue items that were removed from the office

With that said, returning to the office doesn’t necessarily translate to “now all work from home set-ups will be abandoned”. It is highly likely that some of your employees will still work remotely from time to time if not for the foreseeable future. To provide some practical advice, we share some thoughts based on professional experience, which you may wish to consider in anticipation of returning to the workplace.

1.   Audit all workstations in the office 

An audit will help you to determine if the workstations are correctly patched with the latest operating systems and whether critical security updates were run. Furthermore, conducting internal and external vulnerability scans can identify security gaps in infrastructure and safely reintroduce devices to the network.

2.   Evaluate any new technology deployed during the crisis 

The devices, apps and software your employees used to work from home may or may not be required when they return to the office. It is advisable to create a list, including any new devices, and decide if they stay or go. Evaluate how the new tech was implemented, determine what worked and what fell short, and reconsider the hardware and licenses you purchased such as Office 365, Zoom, new laptops, etc.

3.   Catalog items that were removed from the office     

Employees may have had to use their laptops or other personal devices while working from home. Protect your business and intellectual property by ensuring that all any devices, technology, sensitive data, and documents are properly returned to the office. This means that the foregoing should not be left on the employee’s workstation or device.

Plan4Continuity’s automated “Return to work” plans can streamline the audit, evaluation, and cataloging processes above while simultaneously ensuring safety and peace of mind for anyone entering your office. It allows you to list the services and assets (such as workstations, devices used by staff still working from home, etc.) that will be affected and based on that, devise the necessary plan actions.

Using what you’ve learned from the pandemic and lockdown and run a COVID-19-based incident response with our return to the office post-COVID-19 plans.

It will not only provide peace of mind to your workforce, customers, and investors peace but will also give you a competitive advantage. Our post-COVID-19 plans are a (i) checklist plan, (ii) pre-screening plan, and (iii) implement the right policies plan.

If you are interested to see how Plan4Continuity can help reduce the business and human impact of COVID-19 and streamline your return to the office process, sign up here for our “Return to work after COVID-19 plans”.

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