Return to the office post-COVID-19: Dealing with clients, distributors, and partners

When considering returning to the office, once your workforce, your office environment, and your technology and services are in order, it is now time to focus on your clients, distributors and partners. You and your team can play a vital role and provide valuable resources to support your clients’ business operations by considering these three points:

1.   Schedule a review of each client's current state using the checklist

2.   The role of distributors and partners

3.   Plan for the future

As businesses return to what will be the new normal, reimagining a business-as-usual environment that minimizes disruptions for the organization will require a fine balance. Nevertheless, this is an ideal opportunity to build client loyalty in one of the most unique times in recent history.

1.   Schedule a review of each client's current state using the checklist 

Now that you’ve compiled your own checklist and developed a plan to return to the office, you have the opportunity to help your clients prepare to do the same. It is important, however, to base this approach on their business and use the sections of the checklist to ease their transition and guide them through a successful return to their offices. Be their trusted advisor, be prepared, and understand what new challenges they may expect.

2.   Evaluate any new technology deployed during the crisis 

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the need for solid business continuity practices into sharp focus. Today, there is not one business in the world – no matter the size – that can say "it will never happen to me.” In response, your distributors and partners can offer Plan4Continuity’s cloud-based SaaS solution to their client base to facilitate a seamless and cost-effective way to streamline business process automation and create an opportunity for multi-recurring revenue streams for managed service providers servicing SMEs.

3.   Plan for the future     

COVID-19 was a shock to most people. Utilize the lessons learned to work with your clients now to create business continuity and business process automation plans for the next time something like COVID-19 happens. You need to ask: What did they learn? What did you learn? Document these answers and prepare for them, as this may happen again. But next time you and your clients will be prepared.

Returning to work after COVID-19 will present unique challenges for most organizations. To support business and provide much-needed assurance and confidence, we have launched a unique range of “Return to the office post-COVID-19” business continuity and business process automation plans designed to facilitate a smooth return-to-office transition and ensure workplace readiness and compliance and when re-opening.

If you are interested to sign up for Plan4Continuity’s “Return to work after Covid-19 plans”, please sign up here and see how Plan4Continuity can help reduce the business and human impact of the coronavirus and streamline your return to the office process.

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