Return to the office post-COVID-19 series: The checklist

The question that is top of mind for many business owners is, “when can my employees return to work and how can they do so safely?” It is clear that this is not a situation where you can just pick up and go. Among other things, employers must establish a COVID-19 response plan, rethink their communication and policies, consider travel policies, and ensure compliance with their obligations under the applicable legislation of their state or country.

Returning to work after COVID-19 will be scary, tricky, and unsettling for most employees. And, not preparing meticulously for having people back in the office, may cause you to run into issues that could have easily been avoided. To support business and provide much-needed assurance and confidence to employees, we are launching a “Return to the office post-COVID-19” business continuity and business process automation series focusing on the following:

1. A healthy workforce and safe office environment

2. Best technology and systems to support business operations

3. Dealing with clients, distributors and partners

4. Business Continuity & Business Process Automation with Plan4Continuity

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and each topic will be discussed in detail in forthcoming posts, but it will certainly assist in reopening your workplace smoothly and safely. The bottom line is, once lock-down lifts and workplaces prepare to bring their workforce back, both employers and organizations must prepare for the new addition to the office: COVID-19.

1. A healthy workforce and safe office environment 

The first step is for both employers and employees to realize that returning to the office will not be the same as it was prior to COVID-19. Among the issues to consider are creating a “Return to the Office” task force and schedule; sanitizing the office space; reconsider policies and adapt where necessary; establish an open line of communication with your employees and most importantly ensure appropriate safety practices in your office.

2. Best technology and systems to support business operations 

Returning to the office does not mean all employees will return simultaneously and, as a result, you will still require work from home set-ups. Likewise, with business closures, most workstations in the office have been sitting idle. It is therefore imperative to ensure your employees have the necessary infrastructure to perform their jobs effectively while still promoting a secure IT environment.

3. Dealing with clients, distributors, and partners    

After setting up your workforce and office and your technology is in place, it is now time to consider your clients, distributors, and partners. You and your team can play a vital role in assisting your clients to return to the office safely and securely.

4. Business Continuity & Business Process Automation with Plan4Continuity     

Plan4Continuity is capable of orchestrating, automating, auditing, and reporting the complete return to the office process and ensure business continuity.

Plan4Continuity recently launched a “Return to work after COVID-19 plan template” that can be customized for various scenarios returning to the office as well as different industry sectors and countries.

If you are interested to sign up for Plan4Continuity’s “Return to work after Covid-19 plans”, please sign up here and see how Plan4Continuity can help reduce the business and human impact of the coronavirus and streamline your return to the office process.

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