Webinar: Why Business Resiliency is Important for your Business

In a recent webinar, hosted by SYNNEX Stellr and led by industry expert, Tommy Wald of Riata Technology, business leaders including CloudOak’s Petrus Human and Mike O’Brien analyzed and discussed the importance of business resilience for MSP’s and IT service providers. One of the topics covered in the webinar considered how to go about getting started with business resiliency. Other topics that were discussed included:

  • Building Your Incident Response Plan – how to develop, what to cover, who to call.
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery – best practices to recover from Ransomware or other data loss events.
  • RTO/RPO – best practices for defining, determining and consulting with your clients.
  • Key Processes – what to monitor, measure and test.
  • Security Awareness Training – best practices and programs.

Business resilience forms part of overall business risk management and as such is intrinsically linked to business continuity planning. Business resilience is geared towards ensuring businesses avoid costly downtime and time-consuming vulnerabilities that can result in financial, personal and reputational loss. Additionally, business continuity helps businesses maintain resiliency which means being able to respond quickly to an interruption.

One of the biggest benefits of adopting a resiliency/business continuity strategy is that you don’t have to do it all at once – you can implement and roll out your strategy gradually. In fact, the best plans are implemented gradually as it gives you time to test and perfect it and streamline the processes and understand where there are bottlenecks.

Whether you’re an established MSP or looking to develop new business models and implement new MRR growth, this webinar will provide the resources and tools needed to watch your business thrive.